Google May Penalize Ad Heavy Pages

Ever encountered an ad-heavy page, where you struggle to find the actual content on that page? Google’s looking at penalizing those in its search results.

The head of Google’s web spam team, Matt Cutts, shared the news when speaking at the Pubcon conference today.

Cutts said Google is testing algorithms that determine ”what are the things that really matter, how much content is above the fold.”

“If you have ads obscuring your content, you might want to think about it,” asking publishers to consider, “Do they see content or something else that’s distracting or annoying?”


Google Adsense Enlarges First Ad for More Clicks

Google Adsense is enlarging text of the first ad in all ad unit sizes to increase visibility to get more clicks. This test is visible as we browse around websites, most Adsense ads show the first ad text slightly enlarged. Usually Adsense publishers can choose the ad text size, but this time the first ad text is being automatically enlarged in all ad units.