Tips for Pinterest Followers

Tips  Pinterest Followers

1. Tie in to your Existing Social Networks
2. Make it Easy to pin your content
3. Create Boards to supplement your Posts
4. Pin Regularly
5. Improve your board naming Structure
6. Curate Your Own Pins
7. Follow Other Pinners
8. Arrange a Pin Exchange
9. Expand Your Boards
10. Pin Newsworthy Content
11. Use Pinterest to Create Tutorials
12. Write Searchable Pin Captions
13. Use Good Quality Pictures


Are you Effectively using Pinterest?

Thousands rushing to join Pinterest daily, but are they using the site effectively?

It just takes a simple strategy to assure your use of this Visual Curation, Pinterest, site effectively.

Three major points to effectively use Curation to YOUR advantage, meet  prospects of like-mind and enjoy increased Traffic and of course, added revenue.

Follow these simple steps and you will realize the benefit of this powerful Visual Curation site,

Write down a Strategy defining the purpose, what market you expect to attract, and a time allocation daily or weekly.

Set up 3-4 Boards to begin with and spend time with writing catchy Board names, not the run of mill Pets, Furniture, etc.

Populate those boards with attractive visuals and, more important, be sure to take the time to add relevant TEXT. Remember, search bots do not Focus on Pictures