How to Create Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

Generating leads is one of the primary responsibilities of a digital marketer. Leads are contact information of potential customers, and they are called leads because they can lead to a sale.

How To Create Facebook Lead Ads

You can create a Facebook lead ad from your Facebook Ad Manager’s Power Editor. And Facebook Power Editor works only on the Chrome browser as of now.

To enable Power Editor, just click on the link in your Facebook ads dashboard. There is no software installation required.

Facebook Power Editor

I recommend that you get used to the Power Editor even if you are running other types of ads. The regular Facebook Ads dashboard misses some features that are there in the power editor.

The power editor is designed for advanced Facebook marketers. You will get to see more statistics in the power editor compared to the normal ads dashboard.

Inside the power editor click on Create Ad and you will be able to start creating your ad campaign. Select Lead Generation as shown in the screenshot below.

facebook lead ads

Enter the campaign name, enter an ad set name, and enter a name for the ad too. Multiple ads are grouped into ad sets later when you create more campaigns. Just like ad groups in Google AdWords.

The ad sets are grouped into campaigns. If you select a campaign, you will be able to see the ad set inside it that you have just created. Select on the row, and then click on the pencil icon (edit icon) on the right end of your screen. You will see a box appear like below.

ad set

Inside it you have to select an associated page for the lead ad. Here I am choosing my blog’s official page. You can also enter the daily budget here.

In the same page, you can also select the audience. I recommend that you choose a website custom audience or a lookalike audience for the best possible targeting.

lead ads audience

After that, you can select device targeting. For now, only mobile device targeting is available, and we can expect desktop targeting in the near future.

You can either target Android Devices or iOS devices. (Guess no one bothers about Windows phones anymore!)

mobile targeting

After that the next step is to choose the pricing. Here you can bid on the cost per lead (CPL) or cost per click (CPC).

Cost per lead will be again billed as cost per thousand impressions (CPM) but Facebook will try to optimize the ad in such a way that you can meet your target CPL.

lead ads pricing cost per lead


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