SEO Copywriting Tips

“Write for humans, optimize for robots” SEO copywriting tips that you shouldn’t miss:Image
Many factors contribute to a website reaching and maintaining high positions in search results for target terms. These factors include user experience, site structure, alt tags on images, site maps, and more. Above all content is definitely still king. However, not all types of content can rule over the kingdom of SERPs. The following are 10 tips for writing content that will help your website rank higher in search results:

1.Write for users, optimize for robots
2.Forget about keyword density and keyword stuffing
3.Integrate related keywords, synonyms, and grammatical variations into your content
4.Use Google’s free tools to find long-tail keyword variations that you can blend into your site copy
5.Focus on writing long, in-depth, quality content
6.Target high quality low competition long-tail keywords
7.Write content that answer’s common questions from prospects
8.Get your content noticed and shared on social media platforms
9.Strive to build your AuthorRank and develop your Google+ profile
10.Don’t forget about title tags and meta descriptions, they are the first thing people typically see in search results




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