Social Volume: How Much Is Too Much?

A recent Lab 42 Survey “Frequency of Posts, Unwanted Contact Discourage Brand Likes On Facebook” revealed that in almost all cases the audience would actually prefer fewer posts. The article discusses the response of consumers to the perception of “too much” clutter in their social feeds with some less than surprising results:

47% of responders did not want to be contacted by Brands on Facebook at all
73% of responders stated they had unliked or unfollowed brands for posting too frequently on Facebook
1% of users who ‘Like’ a major brand actually engage with the Brand or purchase the product

With most users providing feedback that they find too much noise in their social streams to be distracting, stressful and even a deterrent to using the Brand, it is worth evaluating how frequency of posts can negatively impact the product perception. If posts are excessive, are you creating a negative impression with your customers? That would appear to be the case and with most recent surveys released in 2012 which imply that not only are excessive posts ineffective at growing online community but they can actually be a serious detriment to the reputation of your business.


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