How To Get More Traffic From StumbleUpon

Quick Tips to Get More Traffic From StumbleUpon:

1. Submit your post first – this removes the 2 step submission process for your readers making sharing easier.

2. Use the Su.Pr Link Shortener – this is golden, I’ve more than tripled my stumbleupon traffic by doing this. Instead of using other link shorteners to share your content using Su.Pr.

Not only can you forward the content to other social sites, but you also automatically send those who click the link to the SU version of the page with the toolbar.

When (if) they like your page it helps snowball more traffic to the page via Stumbleupon.

Submit Your Post at the Right Time – Staying in the Cycle is Key

When traveling Asia, I would submit posts at the equivalent of 3am, 4am, 7am EST time.  My StumbleUpon returns were low.  Why is that? No one is using StumbleUpon at that hour.  A post can’t be looked at if no one is clicking the Stumble button. Better hours are between 5 and 10pm EST when more people are at their computer.

When you submit, you get an initial boost of shares based on the post criteria (through means that are still unknown) and the strength of your account.  The rest of the traffic you get is from people that the post is shared with, and how many thumbs up you get.

According to my view The traffic from StumbleUpon was 8 times greater than the previous day. One of my clients websites was receiving 1,000 hits per day during the testing period. Once I became an active community member of the StumbleUpon community, their traffic increased to 5,000 hits per day within 2-3 days.

Don’t Over Promote and Remember to Actually Stumble!

it is easy to say do not over promote your own pages, as a history of repeatable behavior is the sign of a spammer.  Break things up by actually using your SU toolbar and stumbling for posts, liking them, and giving reviews.  Forgetting these may flag your account and reduce your potency.  But even though using the toolbar is great, you still have to vary your discoveries from many sites in order to keep the appearance of being random!


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