About Enterprise SEO

I have been fortunate in my 4 year SEO career to work with a huge number of companies and I have seen many different implementations of an “SEO campaign.” I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, especially at the enterprise level.

What follows are 10 lessons that I have learned over the years so that you might know what to watch out for as you run or manage your own SEO campaign. Hopefully you find the information valuable!


1. Make sure your CMS system is evaluated by an SEO professional to potentially identify problems like:

  • URL structures that cause duplicate content / difficult to index
  • Session IDs
  • JavaScript or Flash drop down menus that can’t be indexed
  • Lack of support for Custom Page Titles
  • Lack of support for rel=canonical tags


2. Do Your Keyword Research (and Better Understand Your Users)

Keyword research is really user research that details how your customers are using language to describe your products, services, and content. Make sure you use the language that they are accustomed to.

Additionally, make sure you have good segmentation between your brand and non-brand keywords and that you are constantly exploring your long tail performance, especially as it relates to uncovering new opportunities for additional keywords to target.
3. Strong Content Strategy

This is one of the hardest challenges that most companies face. If you want to be listed in the top of Google for a particular keyword, then you’re going to have to accept the fact that you have to publish strong, authoritative content that is relevant to that keyword on a consistent basis.

If you don’t have resources dedicated to this activity you will mostly likely lose out in the long run to your competition that does. It’s important to recognize that marketing hyperbole doesn’t usually qualify as strong, authoritative content.

You have to put yourself in a search engine’s shoes and really evaluate whether your content could be considered one of the top 10 resources in the entire world for users whose intent is to find information related to the keyword that you’re optimizing for.
4. Integrate Social Media With SEO

It’s no secret that social media has become much more important to search rankings recently. From social mentions to link building, you must integrate social media with your SEO efforts to succeed.
5.Develop a Consistent Link Acquisition Strategy

Acquiring links is never easy. If you want to do it right, it’s even harder.

Once you get past a few directory submissions and some other low-hanging fruit, there is really no one size fits all methodology to acquire links. That’s why search engines place so much value on them in the ranking algorithms.

The key to getting links on a consistent basis is to effectively market relevant and valuable content to a target audience on an ongoing basis. It takes creativity, patience, and commitment as well as integrated strategy of aligning all of your digital marketing activities with link building best practices.

Hopefully these 10 lessons have given you some tangible ideas on how to improve your own SEO program, especially if you’re running an enterprise SEO campaign. Adhering to these principles will give you the strongest opportunity for success. Good luck!


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