Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate describe your website’s opening times. It shows how many times your websites opened by users. 70% bounce rate is seemed good but it has no benefit to your website. when the returning visitors ratio will up to 50% then you can get benefit from 70% bounce rate.

One effective way to moderate Bounce Rate is by creating quality contents that will satisfy viewers and give them what they need.If Relevancy is one of your major priority for your site then there is a great possibility that searchers will find your site useful and interesting This will lead to a Quality visit instead of a Bounce visit

Well, the structure, design, loading speed is very good. So, one reason I can only think of, that’s why you are having a high bounce rate is maybe because you are not targeting the right audiences for your site. I mean, you should market your site to the right place to get the right people.   You can check the related keyword visitors are using to come to your website with the help of google analytics and then you can change your web content according to your keywords..or may be you are using wrong keywords because these are the main reason behind the large bouncing rate

You can reduce your website visitors bounce rate by making sure of the following:

1. Make sure your website is not ranked for irrelevant keywords or phrases, which you dont have anything to do with.

2. Make sure you have got quality content and interesting too, so that visitors will stay.

3. Make sure you rank relevant pages on your website for relevant keywords. Because most of the time when a visitor does not look at the content or words he is looking for, he will just close the page and move over.

4. Make sure your website looks attractive

5. Make sure you have got some videos and or stuffs that makes the visitors stay.


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