Optimizing Content Tips

Content Optimization

Finally, we get to optimization for search. Given the other questions you’ve asked, what makes sense for optimization?

  • Are there relevant keywords to use?
  • Should you include links to other content?
  • What should the Title, Description and Heading say?

Making Decisions

The answer is, it depends. Don’t apply a one-size-fits-all method to your optimization. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to even put keywords on a page. Sometimes a few well-optimized links are all you need. Either way, the answer is common sense.

In my client’s case, they were putting out a news item about a conference for Software A in LA next week. I chose two key phrases in the text and linked them back to Software A’s pages. I chose a Title and Heading that read something like, “Company Presents Software A at Conference.” Anything beyond that would have been overkill.

So next time you’re wondering how to optimize a page, first use the handy chart below.


Content Flowchart by Jenny Halasz

Consider Topic, Purpose, and Timing


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