Google News Publishers Have Lower Organic Rankings?

A WebmasterWorld thread has one Google News publisher thinking that the stories on his site that were syndicated in Google News tend to have a lower organic ranking in Google’s web search results.

We’ve a section on our website that publishes technology news and is indexed by the Google News service. Now, whenever there’s a breaking news, the site usually attracts lot of traffic because Google lists the news articles on first page most of the times.


What we’ve noticed is that these articles are pushed down in organic searches and that hurts the overall traffic (long tail). Even our well researched articles do not get the rankings they deserve (I can definitely tell apples and oranges).


Now, this site is in Google News and I’ve always felt our stories don’t rank in the web search results as high as they should. I’ve always assumed it had to do with our penalty and not because of how Google may treat news publishers in organic rankings.

To be honest, I find it hard to believe Google wouldn’t rank a well researched article in the organic results because it is a news site.


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