Google News Spotlight Has Google +1’s Now Highlighted

The change is in Google News Spotlight section. This section now shows the Google+ friends and the Gmail contacts that have +1 ed the story alongside the link to the news.

google +

What exactly is changed?

If you are logged in with your Google account, and you look at Google News, the pieces of news +1’ed by your friends from the spotlight section shall now be displayed. Along with the article, you will see the Google+ profile of the friend where you can click and view the entire profile.

Social signals are being taken more and more seriously by search engines. The recent changes that Google has made around the searches and the Google+ influence on the search results has been immense. Well, social media marketing is powerful.

Well, the +1’s are becoming powerful by the day. Which is a good thing; because these also help increase the popularity and establish a presence in social media and over the internet as a whole. Credibility and popularity rises once the +1 from a friend is cited. Good changes taking place in the search and social media world. Let’s all make ourselves aware and catch up


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