Google PageRank Update: Aug 2012

I am seeing reports in the various forums, includingDigitalPoint Forums and WebmasterWorld that Google has updated their toolbar PageRank values for many many sites.

The last update we had to the Google Toolbar PageRank was in May 2012, about three months ago, which is typically how often Google will push out a toolbar PageRank update to the public.

I am very happy to see that I don’t see as much concern and buzz about this in the forums. Maybe it too recently happened and SEOs in the forums still have not woken up and they will explode in fear and joy about the PageRank update or maybe SEOs have wised up.

I just checked this site and we continue our decline from once a PageRank 7 and now down to a PageRank of 3. Why? More on that over here.

That being said, I do hope your PageRank climbed and did not fall. It is a good ego boost when you reach a PR7 or higher.


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