Here are some of the advantages that SEO can get: Pinterest provides much better Analytics Display, Pinterest Activity to Facebook, Have the Pin it Buttons, Back-linking, Develop your Keyword Strategy

Fast Facts:It in recent times hit 10 million unique monthly views more rapidly than several individual website in United States history!On an average every time a person visits the website they use up 58.8 minutes “pinning” at the same time as Facebook has an average visit time of 12.1 minutes.Almost 1/3 of all Pinterest users have an yearly family income of $1,00,000 and more.Nearly 70 percent are female. The biggest demographic on the website are between 26-35. 50 percent of Pinterest users have kids.

Big Brands who are pinning effectively:Whole Foods (11,000 followers)West Elm (15,000)Mashable (17,000 followers)

Pinterest Search Engine Optimization SEO is a free of charge website that definitely makes better traffic to your blogs and websites. This website is a huge add-up to yourSearch Engine Optimization practices. Signup to this social networking website at the moment also never to neglect its advantages you can get. Pinterest surely gives seriously to your Image Optimization. Improved to begin pinning now!


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