Top 5 Websites to Get Free Facebook likes – Twitter Followers

Here is a list of Top 5 Websites to Increase Facebook likes, Twitter Followers, YouTube Views, YouTube Channel Subscribers, Google Plus, Google Circles and website views easily and free.


I think is no doubt the number one fan page like and followers website in the world right now with Alexa rank of 1511 this website got huge traffic. There are many plus points of this website which makes it so popular and that is they follow Twitter’s Rules and Facebook’s Policies. They will never Post Tweets or Status Updates from your Accounts and don’t ask for your account passwords.

Signup process is very simple just provide username, email and password and you will get confirmation code. Enter the confirmation code into the page after you login and click Activate. After you login for the first time you will get 50 bonus points after each passing 24 hours. Not only you can get free Facebook fan page followers here but also you can get YouTube, Digg, StumbleUpon, MySpace and website hits too.

One of the Top website to get free fans and followers. Currently its Alexa Rank is 6K and increasing which means it has lots of users. The good thing about this website is that there signup process is very simple and you can start earning points immediately after signing up. After signup they will give you 100 bonus points plus if you remain active than every day they will also give you 100 bonus points. You can also earn points by referring this site to your Friends and family members.

The way it works is very simple. All you have to do is to get points either free or by paying money. For free points you have to also like other Facebook fan pages or do some other activity like Auto Website Surfing etc. After you earn some points it time for you to add your website or fan page. Just click on “Add Site/Page” click at the top of the left menu and add your blog link or YouTube channel link what ever you want to promote.


Unlike this website is only for twitter followers. If you want twitter real followers not bots than this website is a must for you. This website has very authentic way of verifying your twitter account and also your account has to be one month old with 30 followers so that no fake activity can be done here. With 100k members so far and over 300,000+ visitors a month this website is a must for those who want Twitter followers fast and free.

The signup process is very simple. You need a Twitter account in order to verify your account and if your account meet the minimum requirements of Twiends than your account will be instantly approved and you are ready to go. Again you have to earn some points by following other members and you can also earn points by tweeting tweets. Some members may give you higher points based on setting and some may give you low points.

This website is dedicated to the Facebook only. You can get quality and reliable Fan Page followers here. This website got huge popularity in recent times and prove to be the high quality provider. The thing i like about this website is its simplicity and way it works. They also have a Twitter and Google Plus websites and which are also very good sites.

After signup you need to verify your account via your email. Just click the confirmation link send by thee website and login into your account. They will give 20 bonus points and after that you can also earn points by liking other members Facebook fan pages. The more you like the more you earn points. Just add your Fan page after earning some points and see the magic begin.


Swapes is another great free exchange website where you can get lots of free subscribers, followers and page hits too. The best thing i like is that they give you 1000 bonus points when you create a YouTube videos about them and upload it. Also you can earn points by simply write about them on your blog and earn up to 200 points. Of course you can earn free points by doing other stuff like surfing websites, YouTube video watching and thing like that.


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