3 Cool Social Media Tools Expand Your Small Business

1Monitter. Monitoring your company’s Twitter presence can be a pain, especially if you use only the default search tool to study your mentions. This is where Monitter comes in handy. Monitter is like a turbo-charged search engine for Twitter. This free, web-based program allows you to track your mentions, your hashtag trends and even your competitors’ trends over a comprehensive multi-column interface, all in real time. So if you want to see who’s tweeting about your company, just enter your Twitter handle, grab yourself a cup of coffee and watch the hits come rolling in.

2Sprout Social. Sprout Social is an all-inclusive management suite for your different social networks. Not only can you monitor your mentions on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp! and more, you can schedule posts and view detailed analytic reports as well. There’s even a “Discover” feature that will suggest who your company should follow or unfollow. You may be able to find a more comprehensive management service out there, but with prices starting as low as $9 a month, Sprout Social is perfect for small businesses with a small budget.

3. Workface. What’s the point in being social if it takes you a year and a day to respond to your customers? Don’t make them wait for you to respond to an email, tweet or Facebook post – be available when they are with live chat. Social media, ironically, has made the Internet less personal. Online sales have become more about facts and figures than honest human relationships. Bring the “face to face” back online by putting a real, human voice behind your brand with Workface. It adds an additional layer of realtime communication on top of your existing social media, making it easy for customers to reach out to you.


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