SEO Website Audits: Penguin, Panda, Technical

With Google constantly changing their algorithm to eliminate low quality content (Panda Update), sites with structures or metrics that don’t support their large content or product sets (MayDay) or sites that try to manipulate the search results with link schemes or other manipulative tactics (Penguin Update), it is vitally important to do website audits on a regular basis. These audits, much like getting a yearly checkup at your doctor (to combat health issues), can eliminate or minimize the effect of the Google updates on a poorly optimized or site that is not in good health.

We analyze close to 50 onsite and offsite variables when doing a website audit, grounded in the TLCs of SEO (Technical, Links, Content, Social). To learn more about some of the questions and data points we analyze please read our SEO Audit Process post.

1. SEO Technical Analysis

This analysis will help identify technical (metrics distribution) problems with your website such as duplicate title tags, duplicate content, or if your web pages are returning an incorrect HTTP status code. Below are some more of the data points we check from a technical standpoint to ensure your site is healthy.

  • 301 (Permanent) Redirect Analysis
  • 302 (Temporary) Redirect Analysis
  • 404 (Client Error) Errors
  • 500 (Server Error) Errors
  • Pages Where The Title is Missing or Empty
  • Duplicate Page Content Analysis
  • Duplicate Page Title Analysis
  • Pages That have Long URLs (> 115 characters)
  • Overly-Dynamic URL Analysis
  • Meta Refresh Analysis
  • Pages Where the Title Element is Too Short
  • Pages Where the Title Element is Too Long (> 70 Characters)
  • Pages Containing Too Many On-Page Links
  • Missing Meta Description Tag Analysis
  • Robots.txt Analysis
  • Meta-robots Nofollow Analysis
  • Meta-robots Analysis
  • Canonical Tags Analysis
  • Indexed URLs Analysis
  • Total URLs Receiving Traffic
  • Total Keywords Sending Traffic

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