Google Penguin Update Penalty Recovery Tips

Were you affected by the recent algorithm update by Google called as the Penguin Update? Then this article *may* help you because what we are going to discuss below is some of the points suggested by Google itself

Remove Any Paid Links : If you have had sold any links on your blog by charging a few dollars then its time you should be removing them because Google can easily find out if its a paid link or not. The point is that the link buyer usually buys links in bulk from similar blogs and all of them get penalized for doing so. A few dollars earned from this would lead you to loose a lot of Organic traffic. If you have still not done this, its time to remove those links and refund the money.

No more Links Buying : If you have been buying links in bulk from different blogs then its time to stop those campaigns because Google has started tracking all the websites which have got huge back-links with the anchor text being the targeted keywords clearly giving them a hint that its a paid link. Natural links are generally earned with the blog name in the anchor text and not the main keyword in the anchor which is why the spiders easily find these and penalize those blogs.

Focus on Ads Vs Content Ratio : If you have still not read our article on Google Page Layout Updatethen you need to read it because we have had clearly informed that you need to start building a active community and not just focus on some quick money by trying to earn from every visitor to your blog. Ensure that you can push as much related content to your readers and try to display very less % of ads on your blogs above the fold area.
Stop Keyword Stuffing : If you follow the suggestions by so called guru’s on the web who suggest you to add some keywords within your articles, then you are doing it completely wrong. Google suggests you to write articles for your readers and not for the Search Engines, which means that you should never add / stuff keywords on your blog post content. If you were doing this from a while, its suggested to fix those articles or delete them and go for clean useful content which is useful for your blog readers.

Send Feedback to Google : Still not able to figure out why the traffic is not back even after fixing up everything, then its time to send feedback to Google in detail about your issue and wait for the webmasters team to check the same. You can access the same here and ensure that your blog traffic was affected on the update which happened on April 24th and not something which happened in some other date rang


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