Google Runs 20,000 Search Experiments A Year

We posted a video Google uploaded this week of a Matt Cutts presentation from late January at a webmaster conference in Korea

There’s a interesting section of his talk, in which he notes that Google runs over 20,000 search experiments a year. We know Google makes hundreds of changes to its algorithm each year, but Cutts sheds a little more light on the process Google goes when making a change. Here’s one of the slides he showed demonstrating the process a change goes through from the idea stage to the launch stage:


Google Idea 

“So these are numbers from 2009, but the proportions, the rough percentages, are about the same,” says Cutts. “We would try out anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 ideas. Of that, many more thousand, 8,549, we would send to these blind side-by-sides,


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