Quit Old SEO Formulas? Try something New!

Old is Gold” this saying is suitable for some sorts of situations but when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization)? Haa…haaa… it proves to be a most foolish act to follow such old and boring SEO techniques indeed. Sorry, if my words were hard but it’s true. SEO is something where nothing is certain, things keep changing by the passes of time so why not we?

I am still  really shocked why people still do not acknowledge the new SEO techniques and stick to the same things they did a few years back like:

  • Spending a high amount of time in analyzing backlinks of competitors.
  • Spending big money on buying software to examine backlinks of the competition on the first page of Google
  • Investing money on back linking packages, without having knowledge to use them properly.
  • Buying SEO courses based on gimmick and tricks to bamboozle search engines

If you are still using the above given formulas, I request you to stop it right now and go through with the new SEO rules and techniques be smart.

Right now, Google’s social media shift has a great impact on your business and this will carry on growing all the way through 2012 and beyond

If you want to increase traffic of your site and want rank well on Google and other search engines then you will have to discontinue focusing on backlinks as backlinks and concern about the new SEO methods to your website.



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