Google Search Traffic is Dropping(Its Not Panda)

Google search traffic dropping every month, don’t blame Google Panda for it everytime. The Google search result pages are changing and the top 10 search results

Google is incorporating signals that make these pages more useful to the users, especially social signals and now is more often  interspersed with videos, news, images and a lot more stuff. So don’t be surprised why your traffic is declining and your search engine rankings are going down as it becomes more difficult to get your link on the first pages of Google results.

1. Boost Social Signals – Google believes you will like search results your friends like or recommend. Who better to recommend stuff than your closest friends. Have you noticed how Google search results display more specific links liked or shared by your community of friends. This pushes many search results beyond to the second page. And Google will even let you thank friends for it. Tip: Develop a huge social network across Twitter, Facebook and especially Google+ and get more

2. Local Search is Hot Business –  Google recently put out the  bringing local search results which cater more to your geographical location, out on top of everything else. It was a quiet update, but shuffled a lot of thing on search screens. Its evident if you are looking to buy something, there is a better chance you are searching for it in your own local neighbourhood.  e.g. a simple search for computers loads up 7 local results which nearly fill up the whole page. Tip: If you have local content site, use the opportunity to get more traffic.


3. Authority Sites Get Even Bigger – The big brands keep getting bigger and bigger with more PR, more trust and better traffic by ranking higher. Search for most common terms will usually reveal Wikipedia entry or respected news resources like Reuters or other large portals. e.g. a simple search for computers send out top 3 results from Wikipedia itself. You have a tough chance of ranking higher than that. Tip: Develop a authority site which can give competition to top brands and compete for the top search ranking spots.


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