Google Algorithm Update Confusions and Questions

Google has launched a new algorithm which will affect less than 1% of the searches. It is a bad news for websites using too much fixed ads (adsense or others) above the content. It is a good step in making the web more clean because many websites use ads on top, and information is burried down below.

It will not affect the websites using inline ads, text ads or pop-under. Fixed ads at certain position above the fold will get penalized for sure.It is another effort to make the web clean and provide the users with good search experience.

If your website content is hidden below ads, then you need to change it quickly because the algorithm update has been rolled out.

Recently, Google penalized Chrome for buying links. Now, the new algorithm update to target websites using too many ads.

Will Google Penalize

ads above the fold

Click To Enlarge

Why? Here’s why… You can see the screen shot and ads above the fold.

When you search for a query in, Google will display ads above the fold.

Is Google going to penalize search like Google Chrome?

Google Adsense Focus on Placing large ads on Content Rich Websites!

People usually place Adsense ads on prominent locations to earn extra revenue.

Google Adsense also encourage to use larger ad units on content rich websites.


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