Alexa Ranking Tips

Alexa Ranking

Below is example of Alexa Ranking (

Next is Alexa Traffic Rank there are two types of Ranking 1 is global ranking and 2nd is Regional Ranking means country specif ranking.

Reputation means the total incoming links to your domain. It’s very important to understand that all these link in reputations are all those Do Follow link.

In the end it’s all review about your blog.

1. Increase Your Alexa Reputation

Your Alexa rank depends on your Reputation, that means if you increase your Quality Incoming links. (Why Quality Incoming Links? because in Alexa they only consider Do Follow Links.) your ranking will be higher.
2. Be Active In Social-Media

Once you have followed above said tips your next step will be participating in social media. By Social-Media we only means (Google Plus, Twitter, FaceBook, StumbleUpon, Digg,) because in my case it works well. Depending on your blog or niche you can choose different Social-Media platform.


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