SEO Trends for 2012

Social Media: In 2012, Social Media will gain more prominence when it comes to online search. More and more social media mentions will find their way into search result pages. With the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ gradually capturing our mind spaces, it will take them only some time to establish their full-fledged presence on our search result pages

  • Mobile search: With more and more iPhones, Androids and the likes entering the market, mobile will be the most common platform to communicate with customers on-the-go. Thus optimizing sites for mobile viewing would be crucial in 2012. In addition to this, new mobile technologies like ‘Speaking’, ‘Tapping’, ‘Shaking’, etc. will further expand the Mobile SEO market.
  • Quality content : Content will still be the king in 2012. As recent updates of the Google algorithm has suggested, quality content will be awarded and bad or low quality content will suffer. So in 2012 before you even think of making an impact online, make sure your content is in place.

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