Onpage Optimization Tips

Now a day some webmasters are saying that Onpage are not still important but this is not entirely true.On page Optimization is still important.Let’s have a look to important onpage factors :

Title: It is the most important factor of onpage optimization

1. Avoid using keywords like ‘A,’the’,’An’,’Of’,’On’ in title.
2. Apply special Symbol ‘@’,’|’ etc.
3. Try to use keyword in the beginning of the title.
4. Include company name in the title if you need brand advertising.

Meta Tags:

1. Meta keywords : <meta name=”keywords” content=””/> keywords- that identify what the page is saying about.
2. Meta Description <meta name=:description” content=””/> A short description of the page.

Heading Tags: <h1>—-<h6> you can use primary keyword in <h1> tag and secondary keywords in <h2> and so on. Heading tags should be unique and meaningful.

Bold : It is better to use keywords in bold or strong to gain attention of visitors.

Image Alt tag: search robots can’t index images and flashes. They can read only HTML tags. So, always use keywords for the image. You have great chance to show up in google image search.

URL Optimization: Static URL are more friendly than dynamic. Always use seo friendly URLs.

Keyword Density: Keyword Density is the percentage of occurrence of your keywords to the text in the rest of your webpage. Always write useful and meaningful content.

Use of Sitemap: Sitemap is must for all sites. Here you can find list of URLs of websites.


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