Recover From Google Panda Update 2.5

Google made a confirmation about its latest Google Panda Update 2.5 is live to date 29th September 2011 which will definitely bring many changes in good-quality sites and will lower down the ranking for scrappers sites. This time Google declined any thing to share about its new algorithm.

New Google Algorithm so it will satisfy and even dis-satisfy some of the legit and good bloggers but theirs always a hope to recover from Google panda update 2.5 by optimizing your blog properly and by following some cautions







Well here is the simple and in short explained points which will definitely help your blog to optimize from panda update :

Write and focus on niche content only
Let your blog be easily navigable
Always write full and detailed article avoiding short content
Get backlinks from well known blogs in your niche
Never copy contents from other blog
Never do content farming as its the new enemy of Google Search Engine
Quality should be given more priority and not bots
Keyword stuffing and other black hat SEO methods should be avoided


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