The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet

The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet Front Side
Overview of front of Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet

Important SEO Html Tags

mportant SEO HTML Tags
This section includes all the important SEO HTML tags. In addition to listing the tags, it also provides code examples.

Search Engine Indexing Limits

Search Engine Indexing Limits
This part includes common indexing limits imposed by search engines on sites that don’t hold a lot of authority.

Recommended Title Tag Syntax

Recommended Title Tags
This box includes the recommended title tag syntax. Although many great formats exist, this one has proven especially useful to SEOmoz members.

Common Canonical Issues

Common Canonical Issues
This covers the most common canonical issues people face and provides an easy solution.

301 Redirect

301 Redirect
This section includes the server side code for 301 redirects on Apache. 301 redirects on IIS are setup using the provided GUI and therefore were not included on this cheat sheet. (Plus, I am useless when it comes to configuring IIS web servers.)


Backside of the Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet.

Important Search Engine Robot User-Agents

Important SE Robots
This portion includes a list of all the spider user-agents of the important search engines. The versions on this list will eventually go out of date, but the list will remain useful by helping to identify oddly named spiders (Ex. IA Archiver =

Common Robot Traps to Avoid

Common Robot Traps
This box includes a list of the most common ways webmasters unintentionally stop spiders from crawling their sites.

Robots Meta Tag Syntax

Robots Meta tag Syntax
This section includes documentation for the robots meta tag. This includes all of the available arguments as well as search engine compatibility.

Robots.txt Syntax

Robots.txt Syntax
A example of a simple robots.txt. This illustrates how to block specific robots from both entire directories and specific files.

Sitemap Syntax

Sitemap Syntax


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