Optimising Your Code For Quick Page Load Times

Here I will list tips and tricks you can use to optimise your site code to ensure you optimise what you have and ensure the page loads as quick as possible.


To optimise CSS is to remove all in style code and put all your CSS in one external file. This allows for one call of one file from Google. Making it easier and quicker to call on those styles and formatting you have set out for your website.


Like CSS there can be multiple .js files outlining exactly what you want to do for a specific section on the site. The optimum way to reduce page load time is to put all the JavaScript code into one file. This is as not as easy as the CSS as there can be conflicts. But good coding will ensure this is possible and will bring down the file size and the load times.

Remove spaces and Comments from code

Unnecessary spacing to separate code sections for readability is common practice coders use. However this slows down the code being read and is an unnecessary practice when trying to optimise for search engines.

Comments also ensure the programmer knows what section is doing what so that when they come back to it they can easily find what they need and remember what it does. However like code spacing it is unnecessary and is not optimised.


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