Google + gained 10 million users in 2 days, will it make facebook sit up and take notice?

Google + officially launched to the public last week and it has been reported that within a 2 day span 10 million new users registered. Good going for Google considering it has a base of 30 million already! Not quite clipping the heels of Facebook yet, with its 800+ million users admittedly but definitely steps in the right direction.

So what does this mean? Google+ may be cementing themselves as a credible social network, but the mass exodus from Facebook just isn’t happening and possibly never will (well not within the short term anyway). The more likely outcome is the 2 houses will find a co-existence with users seeing value in both depending on individual need. The trick for Google is to find its niche within this market, remember facebook is not the only social platform in the world. LinkedIn, twitter have all found there niche within the broader social network market and that’s what makes them great.

Time will tell as to what will happen, but knowing Google it won’t be too long before we find out!


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