How to Increase Website Page Views

Search Engine Optimization tutorial you will learn ways to increase page views on your website. A must-read for SEO’s looking to increase traffic and revenue!

Increasing website page views should be an important goal to any webmaster. From a user experience point of view, “page views” are a much more important indication of website quality than “visits” or “unique visits”.

Website A:
22,000 unique visitors
23,456 page views

Website B:
15,792 unique visitors
48,102 page views

Statistically speaking, you might think of Website A as a more powerful, higher quality site and a better optimized website because of its higher unique visits. But its not, because of the following reasons

Website A page views are less than Website B. Even though Website A has much higher unique visitors, each of these visits poorly translates to higher page views. In fact, when you compute the average page views per visit of Website A:

This means that each visitor is “not interested in reading the other pages of Website A”. It is because each visitor will only stay on one page on the average then quits/leaves the site.






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