Twitter Apps & Directories that will help get more Followers

There are a lot of Twitter Apps out there that claim to get you more followers.  Well, they actually help you find followers with similar interests to you or show you who you follow that doesn’t follow you, etc. Whichever ones you do use, only proceed if you feel comfortable with how they use your information, only login with Twitter Auth (which brings you to Twitter to login and then takes you back to the app) so you don’t need to give them your logins and, if they autofollow or send direct messages for you, ensure that you have control as Twitter now restricts the number of automatic actions that can be taken at a time.

  • – shows you who you are following that is not following you.
  • – shows you what tweets caused you to gain or lose followers
  • – directory of Twitter users tagged by topic
  • http://www.tweriod – tells you when your followers are online
  • – popular app that measure a user’s influence based on a number of Twitter metrics
  • – an app that helps you manage follows/followers
  • – a ‘Yellow Pages’ for Twitter users
  • – ranks Twitter users by number of followers and also provides statistics on your followers if you sign up.
  • – find users with similar interests
  • – generate a daily or weekly online ‘paper’ showing links posted by the people you follow or a Twitter list you have created. I find that many of the people included really appreciate being included and retweet the link that comes out under my account so it has brought a number of new followers with relevant interests.
  • – compare follows/followers of two or more users
  • – another app to compare follows and followers between two users.

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