Natural SEO And Why It Stinks

Natural SEO is something far too many marketers rely on! Seriously people, it’s not 1989 any more and the SEO industry has evolved. Whether you’re a Network Marketer, an Internet Marketer or you’re running some kind of small business… pretty much everyone has a website now right? And pretty much everyone has their own blog. Anyway, I just wanted to cover the subject of natural SEO and why it simply doesn’t work anymore.

There are literally hundreds of millions of websites out there, yet less than 5% of them receive any real traffic. Even in the Internet Marketing world, I see quality blogs with 100′s of great posts that receive less than 100 monthly visitors. Why? Purely because people rely on natural SEO and they hope that a load of people will link to their content.

Now judging from experience, I’d say I get on average 50-100 natural monthly backlinks. Meaning 50-100 people decide to link to my content every month. Not bad right? Well my blog’s got an Alexa ranking of way under 20,000. So unless you’re a “guru” or you’re raking in 100,000+ monthly visitors, you’re not going to attract many natural backlinks.

What exactly is natural SEO? It’s what I used to do back in the day when I wasn’t getting any results in my online business. It’s running a website and posting regular content without doing any off page optimization. At least that’s what I call natural SEO.

Seriously, if you’re one of those people who post daily content on your site and don’t do much link building… listen up. Remember that there are just 10 spots on the first page of Google. And usually, there are 5-500,000+ other competing pages for every keyword that gets any traffic. You know that Google doesn’t put much weight on onpage optimization any more right?

Thanks to all the spammers out there, the Google Algorithm consists of mainly off page optimization. (link building) And thanks to the spammers again (who’ve exploited automated link building), you need a build a crap load of backlinks to every page you publish. As ten years ago, you could publish a blog post targeting a highly competitive keyword and rank on page 1 of Google with like 5 backlinks.


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