Google Social Network +1

Is Google starting a social network to compete with FaceBook? It has been rumored that Google will enter the social networking market – is the +1 button the 1st phrase? Time will tell how social Google will get, but the +1 button is already making a big splash.

How Does the Google +1 Button Work

Google’s +1 is a new feature similar to the FaceBook “Like” button. The big difference is that the +1 button will show up in search as well as on the individual website. When you are logged into Google and do a search, those site that have enable the +1 feature will show how many people clicked the +1 button. The +1 button, just like the FaceBook “Like” button will show how many people liked the information on a given website. The +1 button can help increase traffic to your website.

Google is a giant when it comes to SEARCH. More than 2/3 of the population using Google to search. The +1 button means that Google will be able to dominate the e-commerce world just a little bit more. And that can mean more cash and traffic for those site owners in the Adsense and Adword world.

Remember, recommendations and referrals have always been important for drive up sales. Features just the +1 button and the Facebook ”Like” is the equivalent to recommendations and referrals in a virtual way (e-Commerce).


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