Next Up for Facebook Skype Phone Calls

Skype will bring PSTN voice calling to Facebook as part of a future enhancement of its video-calling service, Skype executives confirmed Wednesday.

But whether Skype will require users to use Facebook Credits for its paid services is an open question, they said.

Facebook announced an overhaul of its Google Groups feature on Wednesday, with its premier feature the addition of video chat. The new features will be rolling out to Facebook’s over 750 million users slowly over the next few days.

According to Philip Su, an engineer for Facebook who worked on the development team, users who frequently message one another will occasionally receive a prompt to try out the video calling feature.

Su also said that the features for the next version of the Facebook-Skype integration haven’t been defined yet. However, Scott Miller, director of global business development for Skype, told on Wednesday that the company plans to add PSTN calling to phones, a capability that Google integrated with Gmail at the end of last year.

Bringing Skype to Facebook’s mobile app is also a “high priority,” Miller said. He did not offer up a timetable for that capability.


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