Google celebrates lives of the average Indian

We realised that post the release of Chrome (web browser), people are online more and look to discover and explore more. These people create interesting stuff online and these stories of everyday people need to be told,” says Nikhil Rungta, country marketing head, Google India, who adds that the idea to start this campaign came about some time last year  but took some time to be implemented. He mentions that they are still on the lookout for more people who can be featured.

“Though the people who have featured currently are those we know, we are looking to start a website soon that will allow people to post details of their online ventures and let us feature them.” Rungta says that a strong story that inspires is the only criteria to be selected for the video. “Take, for instance, the Bangalore blogger Archana’s story. It connects with Indian women who quit their jobs after marriage and kids and then, when their kids grow up, want to make a comeback. There are women like Archana out there and her story can inspire them to do more.”

Apart from common man, celebs too have been featured. “Artistes Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have also been documented in our US version talking on how their music has benefited because of the web,” says Rungta. He adds that the project has just taken off and will be on till the foreseeable future, and there could be plans to make it a global project with videos on different nations aggregated on one site.


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