Create Effective Title Tags for Search Engines

Looking to optimize your site for a better ranking? Have a second thought while writing your Title Tag. Title Tags are used to label your web pages. The title tag helps your web page to be listed in search results. So the more relevant your title tag, higher will be the ranking of your site.

  • Keywords: Use some of your keywords to write your title tag. Also arrange your keywords in the order of their importance. The most important keyword should come first in the title tag. Eg: if your keywords are Outsourcing SEO, Internet marketing, PPC Services ,

Your title tag can be: <TITLE>Outsourcing SEO services, PPC Services    India </TITLE>

  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing: Do not stuff your Title Tag with keywords.
  • Word Limit: Try to write the title in 6 to 12 words. Search engines require your title to be not more than 65 characters (including spaces). If you have a longer Title, the text gets cut off.
  • Common Words: Use words which a common man would type while
  • searching for your site. Words which are too technical should be avoided.
  • Content: Your title tag should be catchy and as unique as possible. Each web page of your site should have a different Title Tag.

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